We link retailers, Big or small businesses to bulk suppliers, wholesalers, importers and Manufacturers directly …so you can run your business smoothly and at best prices to earn more margins.

We have a simple value proposition, making it even simpler for businesses to find, choose, negotiate and buy from nationwide network of manufacturers, bigger wholesalers, importers, traders and agents, and become one-stop shop for all your business Requirements to resell the products to end customers.

While helping retailers and small or large businesses to procure stocks for reselling, we ensure that our customers buy fearlessly and hence we provide “no questions asked” easy return/replacement ┬ápolicy and provide Cash on Delivery service, keeping full faith and trust in our customers.

We are building a wholesale marketplace platform, where B2B repeat business happens and this marketplace becomes a big network of connected businesses…

Manufacturers can expand their business without being having to build sales and marketing network themselves… We help them reaching to Nationwide targeted wholesalers and end customers they are looking for to grow their business network.

So it become quick and easy for manufacturers to instantly get nationwide customer base and develop their business. We are making B2B E-commerce convenient, efficient with trade guarantee so that you can run your business hassle-free, never remain out-of-stock, don’t run post to pillar in search of large number of wholesale products, negotiate prices etc.

Once you become Wholesaler / Manufacturer on Bulkli.Com, you get maximum reach to retailers in entire India with our perfect model of wholesale B2B marketplace – where we take care commercial interest of both the parties Bulk Buyers and Bulk Sellers.

Our Current Categories Wholesale Kurti Catalog, Wholesale Mobile Accessories, Wholesale Mobile Back Covers Cases are extremely happening categories and we are adding many more categories every month.

Transact digitally for your business development and get orders delivered to your retail outlet – we handle end-to-end logistics, enabling the supply chain for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, importers, traders and agents.

Wholesalers and Manufacturers can grow their business with us and we help you establish presence in thousands of retail outlets in India, increasing your geographical footprint.


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