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                Push Pin& Staple Pin(Wholesale)

Push Pins – Push Pin used specially for putting notices, pictures, etc. on a board or a wall. A push pin has a Plastic head that allows for easier removal and easy to use. Buy online good quality of push pin in wholesale. Stapler Pin – Buy online good quality of stapler pin at best prices in india. Kangaro Stapler Pin – Buy in Wholesale at best Wholesale Prices.


Push Pin & Stapler Pin

Kangaro Stapler Pin (Pack of 10)

Rs.200.00 Rs.150.00
Rs.130.00 Rs.100.00

Push Pin & Stapler Pin

Kangaro Staples No 23-8

Rs.35.00 Rs.29.00

Push Pin & Stapler Pin

Push Pins (Wholesale)

Rs.40.00 Rs.35.00